Lessons learnt

It’s a strange feeling to be 11 months into my year abroad. The warm embrace of home is so close that I’ve become extremely impatient and just want to sink my teeth into a Sydney burger already. After I spent an hour on FaceTime with my parents running them through my homecoming plans – everything from what I plan to wear on the plane to where we’re having our first brunch – I thought I should probably take a moment to remember why I left in the first place by thinking ~positively~ and writing about some of the valuable things I’ve learnt. Hopefully I’ll be coming back to Sydney a better person, but if not, well, I’ll have Sydney burgers. Continue reading “Lessons learnt”

What’s the best way to travel?

My very long and very wonderful European summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I’m back in Logroño, about to enter my final 3 months of studies here and as I put off starting a UTS assignment, I can’t stop replaying the last 4 months in my head. I’m hardly the first privileged Australian twenty-something to cliff jump in Dubrovnik or pose with the white houses in Santorini, so I will spare you all the unoriginal details of how I ~found myself~ during a hallucinogenic drug trip and decided to stop wearing shoes to be more in touch with the Earth. Instead, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the different ways I travelled: alone, with a close friend or joining an organised tour. If you’re keen to travel but don’t know where to start, perhaps this will be useful. If not, it’s an excuse for me to live in the past for a little while longer before it’s back to reality.

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Two down, ten to go

It’s strange to think that two whole months have passed now. Sometimes, it feels like it’s flying by too fast and there’s no way I can fit everything I want to do in ten months. Other times, it feels like it’s dragging on and I just want to get home to the places and people I love. Either way, every minute of the ride teaches me something important and I couldn’t be happier to be right where I am.

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For the sake of all our orgasms…(via Urban Sisterhood)

I have spent all semester producing a publication from scratch called URBAN SISTERHOOD,  a site for young career-driven women that aims to inspire, guide and motivate. I was also allowed to have a bit of fun with an opinion piece on a very real issue plaguing women all around the world. See the original post here: https://urban-sisterhood.squarespace.com/standpoint/for-the-sake-of-all-our-orgasms

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To schoolie or not to schoolie…

Your child is 17/18 years old. They’ve finally graduated after no less than thirteen gruelling years of school, they’ve survived the exams known to drive teenagers to anxiety and depression, they’ve bid farewell to their classmates at their Year 12 formal, and now it’s time for them to step out into the Big Wide World.  Thankfully, there is a blissful month-and-a-half between burning the last of their exam notes and results day, when they’re reminded that their final exams were real; not just some horrible nightmare. It should come as no surprise that your son or daughter will want to spend some of this time on a holiday with their best friends, planning to do nothing but drink and go to the beach, thus jumping the bandwagon that many Australians consider to be a rite of passage: schoolies week.

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